After many months and several years, the third issue of Monolith Magazine is for sale. Borders: The resonant pieces of landscapes unencumbered, untraced, lands of vanquished perusal. Mimesis of mindless objections, territories without purpose, lines to cross, fields inherited to mine, bastions of undetermined inglorious mayhem, manmade. A litany of purposes resulting in ego security. […]

You let me stay in your home while you were away on vacation. I walked up a long driveway at night with a knapsack and found the key under the doormat. Upon closing the door, I saw the decor was ancient, graceful and strong. Animal furs trailing velvet and leather furniture, diamond encrusted shiny black […]

Upon arising one morning, I refused to immediately climb out of bed. The blankets were in strange arrangement (one just on my feet, another only covering one leg, a third ubiquitous, like quarreling siblings with the middle child trying to create peace between the two at war), lying on my side with legs curled up […]

It had only been a few days since the decision for heartbreaking closure, for a split. I wasn’t sure how to comprehend a life without you, still shocked at your disappearance, a presence challenging to replace, “Not to be replaced,” with a slow nod of my head I realized, “But what to do?” I had […]

My heart dwells in winter days. It operates terribly in this weather. It tries to dress warm enough, but never wears enough layers to protect itself. Walking along the road, snow falls into my heart’s boots as the wind picks up. My heart loses its scarf, it scuffs its feet and continues on its walk. […]

I started writing about you years ago, just after I finished college. I didn’t know anything about you then. We were strangers, which may have made it easier throwing you in a scenario of my making. A world with you in it, I would dreamily think to myself, some mystifying place, I assumed with a […]